Music by Liszt  in  the encounter with the pianist Roberto Miccoli

Last Wednesday concert at “Baravalle” showed another important and convincing encounter  with Roberto Miccoli as guest star. He attended our Music School some years ago while he qualified, becoming a very appreciated performer and winning a great deal of prizes. Recently he has recorded “his” first own CD where he goes from Mozart to Prokofiev. His solid natural bent and experience entitle the artist to deal with a single author: Liszt, who often troubles the pianists having to play his works. Not Miccoli who put himself in front of his author (maybe his favourite one?) and gave a majestic rendering of Liszt’s variety and composing style. His really fine performances were very appreciated by the huge audience who caught  the talented pianist qualities and admired him in short time. The score requires a resolute and determined “pianism”, what Miccoli  owns in great measure, bringing the audience approval. A pianist’s maturity and technique can be completely valued in the ability of mastering this score, so rich of  any melodic, harmonic and dynamic inflections. Miccoli  succeeded  thanks to his strength and sensitivity. Credit to his performance.


“Talented young people” Tonight Roberto Miccoli

At 9 p.m., on the occasion of the international talented young people festival, piano recital by Roberto Miccoli.....


Roberto Miccoli on the piano

Next Friday ,the11th of February,  a prestigious date with the pianist Roberto Miccoli… a real virtuoso of the piano.......


When the piano is given a soul

It should not to be missed Friday the15th of  June encounter with  M° Roberto Miccoli…  Miccoli bents on the piano with discretion and class … A “sincero” changing a single instrument into a whole  orchestra.


Good Miccoli e Motterle

…..Roberto Miccoli, talented and sensitive interpreter…. Almost an hour of music, very challenging both musically and technically.  He gave his best in the vibrant and  sensitive interpretation of  Liszt’s “Aprés une lecture de Dante.”


Roberto Miccoli in San Rocco

The first of the three classical music  performances drew large audiences last Friday in the beautiful baroque setting of San Rocco church. The pianist Roberto Miccoli played a really exacting repertoire, catching the audience attention for an hour and a half and more…  the end of the concert was followed by enthusiastic clapping hence  Roberto Miccoli played the Studio op. 10 n° 5 by F. Chopin as a brilliant unexpected event…


Roberto Miccoli on the piano

..…..The artistic and technical high level of the programme works requires a considerable preparation and talent to get an appreciated performance, what the clever pianist Roberto Miccoli is able to do.


Piano protagonist

…..…with his intense interpretations he amazed the whole audience… the encounter with Miccoli should not to be missed.  Run to his performance now because we are likely to hear more about him, and it will be difficult in the near future to find tickets to his live performances.


Young pianists  winning “Prix Bramanti”

…....During the interesting festival some very talented young musicians appeared before the curtain. It’s not by chance that the judges  president, M° Dario De Rosa,  defined the preparation level extraordinary. Here are the winners: second place Roberto Miccoli..…

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